Meet The Team

Linda Knowles: Linda has been an artist for over 50 years. She specializes in acrylic paintings, mosaics, and photography. Linda attended L.A. Wilson Technical School and majored in Technology Arts Trade. The world of art has taken Linda across the United States in many different careers starting on Madison Ave in New York City.Linda Knowles She was then hired as a subcontractor for Northrop Grumman (a global aerospace technology company) as a technical graphic artist and produced drawings for one of the largest defense  contracts in the world. She then moved to Illinois where she continued to worked at Northrop Grumman. After moving to Tennessee, she used her skills at a marketing job and soon began to develop her own party decorating business. After moving to Florida, Linda began to build her own portfolio. Her work was displayed in juried art shows across South Florida. Now, Linda runs her own art gallery in Ft. Pierce, Fl. displaying and selling all of her own original artwork. Linda is excited where her art will lead her next and she continues to do what she loves in life, painting and creating from her heart.

20180806_154440Briana Nielsen: Briana lights up a room when she enters and dealing with her on the gallery floor will make you feel very comfortable. More, she knows the art speaks for itself! A lover of the arts, Briana has been heavily involved in music for the past 15 years and has also been an avid yoga teacher for 3 years. Briana loves to showcase Linda’s artwork! She helps to run the business side of Galleria Paradise so Linda can focus on her passion of creating the artwork. Together, they make a fantastic team, running a successful art gallery!

20180806_154146Russell J. Knowles: Russ was born an entrepreneur! Working at an early age, Russ was offered the opportunity to work for Siemens Medical. After 20 years working and training under Siemens, Russ was then presented a different direction to purchase an independent company to better assist and service Siemens. Russ has owned and managed his company, REMETRONIX, for over 25 years. Offering rigging, installation, and transportation of high tech medical equipment around the world.  Along with running his successful business he also manages to assist Linda with Galleria Paradise. Russ is very supportive of his wife and continues to help market and manage Galleria Paradise.